D+R Issue No.1

Since the comic acts as a mood board for our collections, we have decided to make the comic more accessible and change how we share things so that you get a more cohesive picture. Moving forward, we will post the mood board for the collection on our blog in advance of the collection releasing. We'll also post a curated version of the comic, intermixed with the clothing on Instagram so you guys understand more of how it all comes together.

For Issue No.1, it really was the beginning of it all. It was really to introduce you to this "doll" character we created and give you some insight into the way she lives. We wanted to allude to her being someone that other people really want to be around - hence why she receives a VIP pass to a festival in the mail. We also wanted to start to show you that she is independent, self-assured, fearless, and very comfortable with herself. On her way to the festival her "car" breaks down and we wanted to show that she is someone who had the basic knowledge to know what was going on and could try to fix it (i.e., she is self-sufficient but to a point...we weren't looking to create any kind of super human). She's also street smart, as she grabs for the wrench when the stranger appears (you know, just in case he's not a good guy). Luckily, it's a sweet robot, who offers her a ride. Once they arrive, she thanks her new robot friend and disappears into a crowd of festival goers.


There are a few things that have come up for people since the launch of the first collection and the release of the comic:

1 - Why does she hardly wear clothing? For us, her being almost naked, wasn't about the nudity itself, it was to convey a nod to Barbarella in that it portrayed this innocence...to her there is nothing wrong with it, it's just a natural state.

2 - Why are there no words? Since we go between English and French, we thought the best way to convey our message and not have anything get lost in translation was to use symbols. We didn't want to write something that was really funny or clever in English or French, but it wouldn't translate into other languages well. So we decided symbols were the easiest way for us to communicate on a global scale. And yes, we know it's not the perfect solution, but we've always been fans of Rothko so why not try?

3 - Why don't the invisibly ray or cute little red aliens make an appearance? Well, actually they do; just not where you would expect them to. We were out to make a realistic comic, which meant that we made ads for the back of the comic - and that is where you will find them. Once we made it, we realized the invisibility ray would make a really cute pin. The aliens ended up inspiring countless drawings and ideas. So much so, that they are now slotted to become a recurring character that you will learn more about in Issue No.3!